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Let's cook braised pumpkin!

Stewed dishes are one of the representative foods of Japan. Let’s cook braised pumpkin.
Ingredients (2 servings)
・pumpkin 1/4 (about 430g which include seeds, about 380g after removed seeds)
・water 400ml
・HON・DASHI (NSG, monosodium glutamate, bonito fish soup stock, Japanese soup stock) (about one teaspoon or less, 2.7g)
・Katsuobushi (small pieces of sliced dried bonito), if you need.
・Soy sauce 15ml
・Sugar 15ml
・Mirin (Japanse sweet sake) 15ml if you need.

1. Remove pumpkin seeds and pulp with a spoon.
2. Get rid of a part of rind of pumpkin to help absorb seasonings.
3. Cut into 4-5cm pieces.
4. Plane off the corners to avoid falling to pieces. (If it takes much time for you, you don’t have to.)
5. After rinse off, put them into pot, and pour water.
6. Add adequate HON・DASHI to water. I usually put also small amount of Katsuobushi(about2g) so I decrease HON・DASHI. (If you use enough Katsuobushi, you don’t need HON・DASHI. If you don’t use Katsuobushi, you ne…

How to cook Tonkatsu (Deep-fried pork cutlet)!

When we want to eat a lot of meat in Japan, one of good choices is Tonkatsu (Deep-fried pork cutlet)
Tonkatsu (Deep-fried pork cutlet)
And Tonkatsu’s ‘katsu’ is as same pronunciation as ‘win’ in Japanese language.
So some people eat Tonkatsu when they want to win something.

Let’s cook Tonkatsu. It is easy.

・Ingredient (4 servings):
4 Pork (Loin) (each weight is about 130g)
a suitable amount salt , pepper

1 egg
a suitable amount flour, Panko(bread crumbs)

a suitable amount salad oil
vegetables (Serve with your favorite vegetables. In Japan Tonkatsu is often served with thin-sliced cabbage.)
Sauce for Tonkatsu (In Japan we can buy Tonkatsu sauce. If you don’t have, mix Worcestershire sauce and ketchup(1:2).

How to cook:
1. Put pork on cutting board and make incision between lean and fat(three or four portion) to prevent meat from shrinking and curving.
make incision between lean and fa
2. Tenderize the meat with a meat mallet. (I don’t have a meat mallet so I use backside of a kitchen knife. The bottom of bottle is also useful.)
Tenderize the meat
3. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides.
4. Prepare vegetables you like.

5. Coat meat with flour and shake off excess. (Plastic bag is useful .)
shake off excess flour
6. Coat egg and after breadcrumb it. (I usually use Panko that is sold at supermarket. You can use also breadcrumbs but texture is different.)
Coat egg and  breadcrumb it.
7. Deep-fry it until gold brown both sides at 170℃.
Deep-fry it
8. Cut Tonkatsu and put them on dish and add vegetables. Serve with Tonkatsu sauce.

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