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What is despicable me minion mayhem (new ride of USJ) like?

What is “despicable me minion mayhem”?

It is newride attraction in the minions’area which opened on April 21th in 2017 of Universal Studios Japan.
I’ll introduce some details about “despicable me minion mayhem”.

・waiting time
This ride was just opened recently so waiting time is very long. Especially on weekends and public holidays you have to wait for a long time.

We waited there for 3 hours on Saturday in June.

Now waiting time is getting become longer even weekdays because of summer vacation for students from the end of July to the end of August.(The average waiting time is more than 2 hours! It includes the vacant time just before the end of this ride attraction.)

If you don’t have enough time to wait, you had better go there on weekdays after summer vacation season. 
Or on rainy day tend to be a few people. (Although there are cases where show attractions, ride attractions and parades will be stopped due to inclement weather such as strong winds or heavy rains.)

If you don't h…

There are various types of vending machine in Japan.

If you visit Japan, probably you see the machine like this:
This is a vending machine.

There are various things are sold by vending machine in Japan.

For example: beer, Japanese sake(Japanese alcohol), non-alcohol beverages, Snacks, Ice creams,
cup noodles (hot water is served for noodle by the machine), tobaccos (cigaretts), newspapers, 
certificate photograph, 
‘Print club’ (sticker photos), toys, dry cell batteries

Even eggs and food (such as bread, udon or Japanese noodle which is made of plain flour) are also sold.
I’ll introduce some of them.

Most vending machines sell non-alcohol beverages (canned drink, plastic bottle drink).
How to buy is easy.
1. Insert coin.
2. In some vending machine, you can use 1000yen bill.
3. Usually red color is for hot beverages and blue color is for cold ones.
4. Select beverage and press the button.
5. Beverage you selected comes out here.
6. To get change usually you have to turn this lever.
7. Change comes out here.

We can pay in cell phones or in electric money in some machines.
To buy tobacco (cigarette) in vending machine you need taspo (an age vertification card).

Nowadays, the number of vending machine is decreasing gradually.

One of the reasons is that a lot of convenience stores, where we can buy various things until late at night or 24hours, are constructed.

But even then there are many types of vending machine in Japan.
In my opinion, if you come to Japan, checking them is interesting, too.

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