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Let's cook braised pumpkin!

Stewed dishes are one of the representative foods of Japan. Let’s cook braised pumpkin.
Ingredients (2 servings)
・pumpkin 1/4 (about 430g which include seeds, about 380g after removed seeds)
・water 400ml
・HON・DASHI (NSG, monosodium glutamate, bonito fish soup stock, Japanese soup stock) (about one teaspoon or less, 2.7g)
・Katsuobushi (small pieces of sliced dried bonito), if you need.
・Soy sauce 15ml
・Sugar 15ml
・Mirin (Japanse sweet sake) 15ml if you need.

1. Remove pumpkin seeds and pulp with a spoon.
2. Get rid of a part of rind of pumpkin to help absorb seasonings.
3. Cut into 4-5cm pieces.
4. Plane off the corners to avoid falling to pieces. (If it takes much time for you, you don’t have to.)
5. After rinse off, put them into pot, and pour water.
6. Add adequate HON・DASHI to water. I usually put also small amount of Katsuobushi(about2g) so I decrease HON・DASHI. (If you use enough Katsuobushi, you don’t need HON・DASHI. If you don’t use Katsuobushi, you ne…

There are various types of vending machine in Japan.

If you visit Japan, probably you see the machine like this:
This is a vending machine.

There are various things are sold by vending machine in Japan.

For example: beer, Japanese sake(Japanese alcohol), non-alcohol beverages, Snacks, Ice creams,
cup noodles (hot water is served for noodle by the machine), tobaccos (cigaretts), newspapers, 
certificate photograph, 
‘Print club’ (sticker photos), toys, dry cell batteries

Even eggs and food (such as bread, udon or Japanese noodle which is made of plain flour) are also sold.
I’ll introduce some of them.

Most vending machines sell non-alcohol beverages (canned drink, plastic bottle drink).
How to buy is easy.
1. Insert coin.
2. In some vending machine, you can use 1000yen bill.
3. Usually red color is for hot beverages and blue color is for cold ones.
4. Select beverage and press the button.
5. Beverage you selected comes out here.
6. To get change usually you have to turn this lever.
7. Change comes out here.

We can pay in cell phones or in electric money in some machines.
To buy tobacco (cigarette) in vending machine you need taspo (an age vertification card).

Nowadays, the number of vending machine is decreasing gradually.

One of the reasons is that a lot of convenience stores, where we can buy various things until late at night or 24hours, are constructed.

But even then there are many types of vending machine in Japan.
In my opinion, if you come to Japan, checking them is interesting, too.

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