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Let's cook braised pumpkin!

Stewed dishes are one of the representative foods of Japan. Let’s cook braised pumpkin.
Ingredients (2 servings)
・pumpkin 1/4 (about 430g which include seeds, about 380g after removed seeds)
・water 400ml
・HON・DASHI (NSG, monosodium glutamate, bonito fish soup stock, Japanese soup stock) (about one teaspoon or less, 2.7g)
・Katsuobushi (small pieces of sliced dried bonito), if you need.
・Soy sauce 15ml
・Sugar 15ml
・Mirin (Japanse sweet sake) 15ml if you need.

1. Remove pumpkin seeds and pulp with a spoon.
2. Get rid of a part of rind of pumpkin to help absorb seasonings.
3. Cut into 4-5cm pieces.
4. Plane off the corners to avoid falling to pieces. (If it takes much time for you, you don’t have to.)
5. After rinse off, put them into pot, and pour water.
6. Add adequate HON・DASHI to water. I usually put also small amount of Katsuobushi(about2g) so I decrease HON・DASHI. (If you use enough Katsuobushi, you don’t need HON・DASHI. If you don’t use Katsuobushi, you ne…

Some stories about Yukata (simple kimono)_history, separate Yukata, Yukata experience

If you visit Japan, you may see people who wear Yukata especially in summer.
・Yukata history
The origin of Yukata goes back to Heian period (794-1185). It is said that Yukatabira, a kind of underwear, was worn to hide their skin for bathing.

In Edo period, Yukata spread to ordinary people. It was used to hide their skin and to absorb moisture after taking a bath.

・These days’ Yukata
Nowadays, Yukata is not for everyday cloths but used as a simple kimono when we enjoy summer festival like firework displays and Bon festival.
summer festival
bon dance festival
Most people can’t wear Yukata and kimono by ourselves, so we make a reservation kimono dresser.
Yukata woman
Recently easy-wear Yukata and separate Yukata are also sold at shop and on the internet site.

○Easy-wear Yukata
You have to adjust the length of Yukata and tie the yukata tightly around the waist by using a string, the koshi-himo. But you don’t have to tie Obi. Just put on Obi which is already tied.

○Separete Yukata

Lower part of Yukata is like a wrap-around skirt. Upper part of Yukata is like a jacket with a string. After wearing each part, just put on Obi which is already tied.

・Yukata experience
You can experience Yukata in Tokyo, Kyoto and so on. 
yukata experience
The photo above is the image of Kimono experience.
But you can also experience Yukata (simple Kimono).

Some sites on the internet are available in English. 

If you have Yukata put on you by professional person, Yukata hardly come loose and keep beautiful shape compare to get dressed yourself. So I recommend professional dresser.

・Yukata for sleeping wear
If you stay at Ryokan (Japanese-style hotel), probably Yukata is prepared in the room instead of pajamas. 
yukata for sleeping wear
yukata for sleeping wear
This type of Yukata is for sleeping wear. How to wear this Yukata is easy.

1. Put your arms through the sleeves
2. Bring the right side of Yukata to your left body and after pull the left side over the right side.
3. Tie string(Obi) around the waist for women. Tie Obi over the hipbone for men.

※ You have to wear in Migimae. It is the order of pulling the right side over first and then pulling the left side over. If reverse, it is for corpse in funeral ceremony.

Even some business hotel also prepare Yukata.
If you come to Japan, you should experience Yukata!

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