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We have a lot of way of eating mochi (Japanese rice cake).

I like mochi (rice cake). Nowadays, most people buy mochi at store or supermarket.

But in old days how to make mochi in a traditional way was hard work.
1. One person pounds steamed rice* with a heavy wooden pestle. *Rice is soaked in water overnight after rinsed off in the day before making mochi. 2. The other person overturn mochi.
1. and 2. are repeated rhythmically.
The kind of rice for rice cake is different from rice for principal food. It is sticky. In addition, the stickiness is produced by how to make mochi.

I’ll introduce some kinds of Mochi and some ways of eating Mochi.
○Ankoro Mochi
Mochi covered with Ann paste (sweetened red bean paste).
The looking of Ankoro Mochi is similar to Ohagi (Botamochi). But inside Ohagi is different. Inside Ohagi is rice which is not mashed perfectly.

○Yomogi Mochi
This is green color Mochi. Because when it is made, Mochi rice was mixed with boiled a kind of weeds,Yomogi.

○Zunda Mochi
Mochi is covered mashed green soybeans, sugar, salt and…

A good way of watching USJ (Universal Studios Japan) 's new castle show!

Do you like USJ (Universal Studios Japan)?

Are you interested in ‘new castle show’ held in the world of Harry Potter?
the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
This show period is from April 21 (Fri) to November 5(Sun) in 2017. Please check detail event calendar on official site (

We went and watching this show in June. I’ll introduce some notes and some good ways to enjoy this show.

・Take care of admission restriction

If you go to USJ in a crowded day or during peak times, a timed entry ticket may be necessary to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

You had better sometimes go and check if admission restriction is taken. If it is not, just go to the area. 

If it is, you need a timed entry ticket. You don’t need additional charge to get this ticket. 

Only representative collect the same group’s one-day ticket or a-year ticket and go to ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ticket Machine’ (almost the center of USJ in the studio map) to get entry tickets.

When we went to USJ Harry Potter Area at about 5 P.M., there was no admission restriction but in the evening (just before new castle show?), there was. So you had better enter the area early.

・Super crowded day (to enter Harry Potter Area)
During students’ summer vacation (it is a little different from the area but about July 20th~the end of August) USJ will be so crowded. 

On the super crowded day, a timed Harry Potter area entry ticket is probably issued since morning. And it may be ended the ticket by the afternoon.

・Super crowded day (to enter USJ park)
On the super crowded day one day ticket selling is temporarily restricted. (Admission restriction)

If you have the Advance Tickets (You can buy travel agencies), you don’t need to worry about it.

・To secure good place for the castle show
If you want to see castle show in a good place, you had better secure place one and half hour~2hours before. Picnic sheet is useful to seat on the floor but you have to stand up about 1 hour before this show.

You can see ‘Viewing area map’ on the official site. I recommend the closest place to the castle in the viewing area.

・Take meal before waiting the castle show or after the show.
You can’t go to restaurants while securing show place. You should take meal before waiting or eat something you have already taken out (taken away) or have dinner after the show. (There aren’t many restaurants in the Harry Potter area.)

・Go to bathroom before waiting show
It is better to go to toilet before securing place for show because it is getting too crowded to move.

・Please be aware of heat stroke
It is very hot and a lot of humidity in summer in Japan. You should wear sunglasses, sunscreen and hat. Drink water to prevent heat stroke.

・Show is held in English
English takes priority in castle show. Japanese narration comes after English narration.

・How is the contents of the show?

The contents of the show is very simple.

Students from Hogwarts School fight against the ominous figures of Dementors. After the fight you can see the awesome mystical sight of their Patronus.
the castle show
The show takes 5~10 minutes.

Before this show, while waiting, we could see the beautiful castle taken on the glow of the evening sun.
Hogwarts castle
Harry Potter Area
And the videos shown on the castle by the projection mapping techniques were very mysterious and beautiful. 
The videos shown on the castle by the projection mapping is beautiful.
This show is limited period. If you are interested, you can’t miss it!

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