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Some stories about Yukata (simple kimono)_history, separate Yukata, Yukata experience

If you visit Japan, you may see people who wear Yukata especially in summer.
・Yukata history The origin of Yukata goes back to Heian period (794-1185). It is said that Yukatabira, a kind of underwear, was worn to hide their skin for bathing.

In Edo period, Yukata spread to ordinary people. It was used to hide their skin and to absorb moisture after taking a bath.

・These days’ Yukata
Nowadays, Yukata is not for everyday cloths but used as a simple kimono when we enjoy summer festival like firework displays and Bon festival.
Most people can’t wear Yukata and kimono by ourselves, so we make a reservation kimono dresser.
Recently easy-wear Yukata and separate Yukata are also sold at shop and on the internet site.

○Easy-wear Yukata
You have to adjust the length of Yukata and tie the yukata tightly around the waist by using a string, the koshi-himo. But you don’t have to tie Obi. Just put on Obi which is already tied.

○Separete Yukata
Lower part of Yukata is like a wrap-around skirt. Upper par…

Bonsai_the Origin, types of Bonsai, Musium, super-mini-Bonsai

・What is Bonsai(盆栽) ?
Pine tree Bonsai
Bonsai (盆栽) is potted plants or trees. But pot is also an important element in Bonsai.

The image of the world of nature is expressed in Bonsai. People try to create natural landscape into a small world by means of Bonsai.

In this point, Bonsai is different from usual potted plants or trees.

Bonsai is living plant and there is no “completion”. People who love Bonsai spend decades of time and effort to make it into their desirable shape.

・The origin of Bonsai
It is said the origin of Bonsai goes back to Bonkei(盆景) in Tou(唐) period(618-907) in China.

Rock, sand and moss are placed on tray together to express nature landscape.
Bonkei was brought to Japan during the Heian period(794-1185). It was spread through common people during Edo period(1603-1868) and it became basis of Bonsai.

・Types of Bonsai
Pine tree Bonsai
Syouhaku means a coniferous tree (example pine tree, cedar tree).

Most coniferous trees are evergreen tree so we can appreciate them from season to season.

maple tree bonsai
Zouki means miscellaneous forest. For example Bonsai of maple tree belongs to this.

We can taste them of each season.
Summer→fresh green
Fall→autumnal tints(red or yellow)
Winter→desolate tree

flower bonsai
Bonsai of ume, camellia, cherry blossom and wisteria are in this group.
We can enjoy the beauty of flowers and the fragrance.

○fruit bearing-Bonsai(実もの盆栽)
For example crab apple, Chinese quince, pomegranate and Hong Kong Kumquat.
We can appreciate fruits change color from autumn to winter.

grass bonsai
We plant common grasses which bloom in different seasons in one pot together.
This bonsai is like wild field. We can feel four seasons into one small bowl.

・Bonsai exhibition
Bonsai exhibition
Usually different types of Bonsai are decorated all together for one expression. Space is also important element.

・Bonsai technique
People have to use many cares and techniques to design Bonsai. I’ll introduce some of them.

○watering (水やり)
Bonsai needs watering every day because it has little soil and easy to dry.

Branches are cut with scissors.

○fertilizer and disinfecting (肥料と消毒)

Good soil is prepared for Bonsai. People put moss on the top of the soil. They are for beauty and also a barometer of moisture.

○harigane-kake (針金かけ)
People sometimes use wire to adjust the shape of the trunk and/or branches.

・Bonsai Museum
In the past Bonsai was considered a hobby of the middle aged but nowadays, young people who enjoy Bonsai have been increasing.

In addition, the popularity of bonsai is rising abroad as well.

There are Bonsai museums in Japan, UK, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, USA and Canada.

It is very small Bonsai and even smaller than Mini-Bonsai. (The picture below is Mini-Bonsai.)
Mini Bonsai
The height of Full-sized Bonsai is about 20cm.(It takes more than 20 years.)
But the height of Super Mini Bonsai is 3cm (It can reach its full height in just 3 years. )

Nowadays, super mini Bonsai is also popular.You can see photos in this site (URL: )

Do you know ‘preserved flowers’ ?
preserved bonsai is similar to preserved flowers
They are not fresh flowers. They are preserved by using some chemical solution and staining solution.

‘Preserved-Bonsai’ is similar. It is preserved tree. And dried moss is put on the root of the tree. We can mail order it.

In my opinion, I don’t like it very much because it isn’t living plant. But we can decorate it inside room. It doesn’t need sunlight and watering, either.

It may convenient. And it is good for person who have allergies for soil or pollen.

If you have a chance, you should see actual Bonsai!

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